SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local mother and son were robbed in a violent home invasion, but when the suspects took off, one of the victims went after them.

“I heard the shooting. It was like five or six shots,” said Ann Brown.

Bullets started flying near the apartment complex on 2nd Avenue in Sacramento.

“One guy put a gun on my son,” victim Mey Saephan said.

She says her son was there to visit her and had just pulled into the parking lot when three men with guns ambushed her son and used him to force their way into the gated complex.

The victim told CBS13 that once they left the parking lot they went straight for the victim’s apartment, all while keeping a gun on Saephan’s son’s head. The armed men entered the apartment yelling and demanding computers, wallets and phones.

“I say thanks, ‘God help me.’ I pray to God,” said Saephan.

Once the suspects got what they wanted, they ran out of the apartment and back to the parking lot through a nearby field.

Her son then hopped in his car and chased after the suspects. When he got close, one of the men turned and fired.

“They went after the guys and all I heard was pow, pow, pow, pow,” said Brown.

No one was hit but the shots left bullet holes the son’s car.

Some neighborhoods hit the deck.

“I literally got down because it sounded like fireworks,” said Brown.

The family’s OK but still shaken up.

“Whole family scared. Nobody can sleep the whole night,” said Saephan.

One woman told CBS13 she’s thinking about moving out. So far, no arrests have been made.


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