Coming to you from Oakland, the Grant Napear Show started with Grant talking about DeMarcus Cousins. Grant said that he was tired of seeing DeMarcus complain about every foul called on him and that he should not be worrying about what a fan has to say. People called in and said that Cousins needs to be traded or cut from the team. Grant also talked about how he thinks Patrick Patterson should be playing seeing how the Kings have nothing to lose and that Patterson is better then some of the players who rotate ahead of him. Grant spoke about the match up between the Kings and the Warriors.

Grant talked with Jeff Dorso from Think Big Sacramento. Jeff talked about how mayor Johnson is a fighter and that the planning that has been done should definitely pay off. He also talked about how the Sacramento market will influence the decision. Jeff said that Sacramento has sold out 19 of 27 years and has one of the highest ticket prices in the NBA and that these facts will help keep the team in Sacramento.

During Grant’s rant he spoke about Serge Ibaka’s foul against Blake Griffin. Grant felt that Ibaka should have clearly been suspended. He said that if your going to suspend Dwayne Wade and DeMarcus Cousins for doing the same thing, you need to suspend Ibaka as well.


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