Doni starts the day with a clip from the Grant Napear Show yesterday, in which an 8th grade boy called in and told Grant that he had gotten grounded for masturbating. The guys then recap their night of bowling at Strikes in Rocklin last night, including the creepy listeners the guys met, the 5 year old in the lane next to them who bowled better than all the guys, Drew’s ridiculously hard throwing, and the really creepy stalker guy who came up to Don with “tax information” about Bart. After discussing the controversy at the Roseville Galleria involving a gay couple being kicked out for public displays of affection, we get a visit from B.J. Welch, father of 7 year old Josh Welch, who was suspended for making a “gun” out of a morning pastry. B.J. tells us about the incident, and the idiocy of the school overreacting the way they did.

Don then tells us about a Zimbabwe woman who got mauled by a mountain lion while having outdoor sex, and another woman who was caught with meth in her crack, and a gun in her vagina. The guys then do another Phone Scan, before comedian Chelsea Peretti stops by. Chelsea, who is performing at the San Francisco Punchline Thu-Sun, talks about writing for “Parks & Recreation,” her comedy style, her sex life, and who influenced her the most in comedy. After Chelsea, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, another big sinkhole in Florida, Kim Kardashian is rushed to the hospital, the passing of Ten Years After’s Alvin Lee at 68, and Iggy Pop is putting new music together with the Stooges. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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