Thursday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about the Kings loss to the Warriors Wednesday night. It was a close one, so we asked listeners what they think the reason why Sacramento lost last night?

It was a big night in the NBA, we talked about the main events and asked listeners what they think the biggest thing that happened in the NBA last night was?

Giants first baseman tweets to actor Channing Tatum “I want to compliment you @channingtatum, you got a rockin bod in Magic Mike #winkyface” We asked fans if this was just creepy or funny?

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin joins the Jason Ross Show and previews the upcoming season, talks about being a manager and playing to the strengths of the team, and touches on Josh Reddick’s new facial hair.

Former Kings Guard Doug Christie joins The Jason Ross Show for an hour and talks about Sacramento deserving to have a NBA team. He also talks about when the Kings were so close to that championship. He also touches on Jason Williams and transitioning to his new point guard Mike Bibby and he answers fans questions.

Former Kings Point Guard and UC Davis head coach Jim Les talks about his improving program and his team playing on national TV. He also talked about why the Kings deserve to stay in Sacramento.


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