MODESTO (CBS13) – There have been plenty of stories of how Hollywood stars treat their pets like babies. Now, that’s playing into the strengths of a burgeoning Modesto business with one very famous customer.

Britney Spears is famous for her music and love life, but grabbing somewhat smaller headlines is her love of her four-legged friends. Spears’ dog lives a charmed life, as anyone can see from her Twitter page. Now, Hannah Spears, a teacup yorkie, is going to sleep like a princess thanks to a family-run local business.

“I was so elated, was so very excited, and I just think it was just confirmation that we’re going in the right direction,” said Joanna de Lemos.

Joanna and her husband, Samuel, have been creating fantasy canopy beds since 2003. They started with children’s beds and only recently branched out with the web company

“The pet market it s a $90 billion a year market. It’s huge. People are downsizing on their children, upsizing on their pets. So we’re saying we’re going to try to hit that market and see what happens, and it’s been an interesting transition,” Samuel said.
The order for Spears’ pet bed came through a partner boutique with every detail done just right. But she’s not their first celebrity order.

“We’ve had some very good sales, some very important people, the Gambino family,” said Samuel.

With satin, bows, a personalized pillow, and even its own carrying case, a bed can cost more than a few bones — $400.
But with her mommy making millions, you can’t expect Spears’ baby to ever have to woof it.

If you want to see how Spears’ yorkie likes her new bed, you can follow her on the dog’s own Twitter feed.

The company founders say they’re waiting until their kids grow up before they get any dogs of their own.


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