YUBA CITY (CBS13) – From high school student to jail inmate, a Yuba City teen was arrested for making pot brownies to sell to her classmates.

Investigators say the teen made others do her dirty work.

“You have many other ways to make money,” said a student.

Police say 18-year-old Saira Munoz decided to make some cash by putting on a school bake sale.

The only problem is there was something extra in the River Valley High senior’s brownies, say officers.

“We did take a couple brownies that had some marijuana in them,” said Yuba City Police Sgt. Kim Slade.

Investigators tell CBS13 the alleged entrepreneur, a legal adult, was trying to get the River Valley High Falcons flying high, and even employed some help from at least one underage student.

“Like, I sell to my friend, and my friend goes and sells to his friend type of thing,” said a student.

Her alleged plans fell apart when one of the students got sick and was taken to a local hospital.

“I saw the ambulance come and the stretcher,” said a student.

Staff members called in police, who took the call seriously.

“Whether it’s difficulty breathing, whether they have a rash, anything like that, there’s all kind of things that could happen,” said Sgt. Slade.

Munoz was eventually arrested, her mug shot showing her school pride. And if you think it’s just some high school misbehavior, think again. Munoz is facing charges of employing a minor to sell marijuana, a felony. She was booked into the Sutter County Jail.

“It is scary because now she has to go to jail with way older people,” said a student.

For area students it’s a wake-up call.

“Once you turn 18, I guess the real world can hit you,” said a student.

Munoz is facing up to two years behind bars. Another student, a minor, was also arrested. Police say more arrests could be coming this week.


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