We start off the week with a discussion of why Don thinks Daylight Savings Time sucks. We then get into a recap of Friday night’s Kings game, in which all the guys on the show were featured in numerous events throughout the game, including tricycle races, the dropping of the “Thunder Swords,” and all the great listeners that we sat with at the game. We also hear sound from the game, with interviews from Little Joe and Craig. After Don reads a list of countries that don’t observe Daylight Savings, we hear Chris Brown’s “Keeping women in line” comment, and the white translation, and John Madden tells us that the “Madden Curse” has been lifted.

We also hear that George W. has nude portraits that are leaking out on the internet, before Don tells us about a follow up email he got from a listener who wrote to Don 6 months ago regarding his son who had a cyst in his Kidney. In the email, the listener tells us his boy had the cyst removed, and is doing fine now, and thanks Don for all the advice he gave him to help him deal with the situation. We then hear about Drew’s chihuahua that was killed by a pit bull Saturday morning, and how rough the whole weekend was for his entire family.

Don then calls a Safeway in El Cerrito, CA, where a man was arrested for smoking a cocaine laced joint in the store bathroom, while reading porn, and handling a toddler! We also hear a bit more of Craig’s sound from Friday night, and it’s then time for another Rotating Random Phone Scan. After nearly an hour of Phone Scanny goodness, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Phantom tells us about an Oklahoma woman who was arrested for trying to sell her young children, the “Dwight Schrute” pilot will air this week, and box office numbers over the weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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