Mars Rover Replica Displayed At State Capitol

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Parents, students and space lovers gathered at the State Capitol Tuesday to get a glimpse of a Mars Rover replica.

“I think it’s wonderful that it’s come to the Capitol,” said one woman.

Scientists with NASA’s Ames Research Center near Mountain View, along with representatives with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, are hoping their passion for outer space becomes contagious.

The exhibit was all part of the 2nd Annual California Aerospace Week.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, so it’s pretty cool,” one teen said.

“I personally believe it’s important that we share what we do with the public,” said NASA scientist Tori Hoehler.

This is a rush for scientists to get out of the lab and take their fascination for space to the streets.

“We obviously think that it’s interesting and exciting and important but I want everyone else who is paying the bills to know and to feel the same way,” said Hoehler.

Even some lawmakers couldn’t resist.

“It’s really about our kids. They’re the ones that will look at this and think of what’s next,” said Sen. Jean Fuller, R-Bakersfield.

This is the second time the Mars Rover was displayed at the State Capitol.

Organizers wrapped up Tuesday’s event but hope to return it next winter.

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