The day begins with Drew’s new sleep schedule, in which he sleeps from noon to 8 pm, in order to be more alert in the morning for the show. We then hear about Don’s acupuncture appointment yesterday, in which he learned about inflatable bras. Little Joe tells us about his traffic court appearance yesterday, and the guys learn what not to do in front of a judge. This gets the guys talking about Judge Judy, traffic school, and pizza. After hearing clips of Larry King on Katie Couric’s show yesterday, in which he talks about his date with Katie 30 years ago, we hear a terrible parody song about the Pope, and Don shows us how to get any girl’s phone number.

Craig then tells us about the little boy that crapped his pants at the liquor store he was at yesterday, before another Rotating Random Phone Scan. This scan, however, is sans Craig, as Don banishes him from the room for saying “what not.” Don then attempts to show us clips of “Big Bang Theory” in different languages, but when a listener drops a smart ass text, Don has Little Joe call the guy to rip him a new one. Don even gets him on the air to rip him as well! It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Ed Asner is in the hospital, a redneck shoots his brother thinking he’s a hog, and Adam Sandler is making yet another movie with Drew Barrymore. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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