Coming to you from the Sleep Train Arena, the Grant Napear show started off with a discussion about all the free agent moves and trades in the NFL. The 49ers lost safety Dashon Goldson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Callers weighed in on how they felt about the 49ers losing so many of there defensive players and focusing more on the offense. Grant felt that the 49ers were making a big mistake because the defense carried the 49ers all the way to the Superbowl.

Grant also talked about the fact that DeMarcus Cousins was not suspended for the game against the Chicago Bulls, but would not play because of his injury. Grant commented on how Cousins is one of the worst team players he has ever seen and that he needs to figure out how to correct his attitude.

In the next part of the show Grant was joined by Ticha Penicheiro, a former Sacramento Monarchs player. Grant asked Ticha what was the greatest experience about playing in Sacramento. Ticha said that the fans were so great and the whole community in Sacramento showed so much support for her team.

Grant was also joined by Bill Wennington, the color commentator for the Chicago Bulls. Grant asked Bill whether or not he thought Derrick Rose was going to play at some point this season. Bill said that only the person who is injured knows at what point hes feeling well enough to play. Bill also remarked on Dennis Rodman and how next time he should do some research before he befriends Kim Jong Un. During Grant’s Rant, Grant vented on how Dwight Howard got into it with a fan from Orlando. Grant said that Dwight Howard should just keep his mouth shut.


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