By Christina Janes

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Carnival Cruise Line is saying abandon ship, yet again, after another one of its ships, Carnival Legend, experienced technical issues affecting its sailing speed.

The vessel will cancel its final stop to the Grand Cayman instead heading back to the port in Tampa.

Earlier this week, the Carnival Dream had a technical issue with its backup emergency diesel generator during a scheduled stop in St. Maarten. Now the cruise company is still working to get passengers home.

“I think it’s a big mess and it’s getting worse,” said Catherine Louise Annis.

Catherine Louise Annis of Sacramento knows what it’s like to be on board a Carnival cruise ship. She was a travel agent for the company, living on the ships.

“They have had a stroke of bad luck,” she said.

Trouble first started with Triumph, then Elation, followed by Dream, and now Legend. Those are happy, uplifting names for Carnival ships but not dream vacations.

“My question — even having lived and worked on board – is do they spend any money on the engine?” Annis said. “They make carpets and, you know, make new attractions, but what goes into the safety of the engine, of the renovation of the engines or the maintenance of the engines?”

Even with all the incidents, Annis says she believes in the safety measures in place. She witnessed the drills and generator checks at sea and at port. She says Dream wasn’t a major incident like the Triumph because they found the generator problem and didn’t leave port.

“I feel as safe on a cruise ship as I do on an airplane, probably safer than my car,” Annis said.

She says she tells her clients to keep in mind that the cruises that go well don’t make headlines.

“Carnival does thousands and thousands of cruises every year, so one or two incidents in thousands of cruises, the odds are pretty good that nothing is gonna happen when you’re on board,” said Annis.

Annis tells her clients to go on their vacations with an open mind.

“Go have fun and roll with it. True travelers know things can and will go wrong,” she said.

The cruise company announced this week it’s conducting “a comprehensive review” of all 23 of its ships.


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