NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – The chairman of the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District resigned suddenly Friday for allegedly sending colleagues a controversial video.

The video is of a sketch produced by the Comedy Central show “Key and Peele” that showcase racially-charged comedy riffs.

WARNING: Video Contains Some Graphic Language

Officials say fire district Chairman Keith Grueneberg forwarded a link to the video under an email title “Hooked On Ebonics” and reportedly included the message, “You need to watch this, it’s like talking to our administration.”

The email was sent in November and just recently became public.

Former Fire Chief Tim Fike, who says he left the district after 13 years of service because of Grueneberg, calls it an outrage.

“It’s 2013 now and I’m pretty sure that was unacceptable in the 1960s and they continue to think that is acceptable behavior,” he said.

CBS13 went to Grueneberg’s home to ask about the email. His wife answered the door and said he was not home. She claimed she was unaware of the video or that her husband had submitted his resignation as chairman.

District officials refused to comment on Grueneberg’s resignation, or his decision to email the video.

The fire district will select its new chairman at their next board meeting on March 21.

Although Grueneberg is stepping down as chairman, he will still keep his elected position on the fire district board.


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