Dave Deuce Mason was in for Grant today and had a variety of topics of discussion. Deuce talked about DeMarcus Cousins, as well as NFL Free Agency. Callers gave their thoughts on what the Kings could do with Cousins, the 49ers’ moves in free agency, and what nickname could be given to Patrick Patterson. Deuce interviewed Adam Caplan, Patrick Patterson and Delanie Walker.

Adam Caplan from the Sideline View was on with Deuce today to discuss NFL free agency. Adam discussed the issues with Elvis Dumervil’s paperwork not getting filed and why the Welker signing in Denver was not a surprise. He also talked about the Anquan Boldin trade to the 49ers, and why Nnamdi Asomugha would fit well with the 49ers. Adam also gave his thoughts on why the Raiders are in trouble, how they can improve, and why Carson Palmer wasn’t at fault for their struggles. Finally he talked about the Ravens’ rebuild, Steven Jackson signing with the Falcons and Greg Jennings signing with the Vikings.

Kings’ Forward Patrick Patterson was on with Deuce to talk about his time so far in Sacramento. Deuce and Patrick discussed Patrick’s nickname, as well as DeMarcus Cousins. Patrick also talked about the development of his own game during his time in the NBA, his love of movies, and what he would be doing if he wasn’t a basketball player.

Tennessee Titans Tight End Delanie Walker joined Deuce to talk about his time with the 49ers, and what he’s looking forward to in Tennessee with his new team. He talked about the decision-making process in choosing the Titans over other teams as well as what his time in San Francisco meant to him. Delanie also discussed his fund raiser that is meant to raise money to help prevent drunk driving.


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