GALT (CBS13) – A family gathering in Galt was disrupted by gunfire and seven people were shot in a drive-by investigators believe may be gang related.

Before family members drove off from their blood-stained driveway and bullet-riddled home, they wanted to make one thing clear — the drive-by had nothing to do with gangs. That’s about all they’d say.

“I only come over here a couple times to visit my family my cousins,” said Martin Posses.

Down the street, neighbors are still shaken by the gunfire that erupted Saturday night. Galt police say seven people were shot in the front yard, leaving what neighbors say was a family barbecue.

“We look out the window and this SUV drives by really fast and took that corner really fast, didn’t even stop,” neighbor Lisa Boyce said.

Boyce heard the shots and says it’s the second drive-by shooting that’s happened on this street since her family moved in.

“It’s scary. It is because I have five kids myself and I don’t want that coming back over here,” Boyce said.

She thinks it could be connected with Friday night’s deadly shooting at a Chevron station in nearby Thornton. She says the family here has ties to that area and wonders if the timing is more than coincidence.

“The Thornton thing happened Friday and this happened Saturday, and they’re affiliated. They grew up in Thornton,” said Boyce.

Galt police have not said if there is a connection.


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