SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police are still searching for the suspect who shot an innocent woman in the leg outside a Round Table Pizza Monday night.

“Just one shot, bam, and then the girl started screaming,” witness Sou Sae Chao said.

The shooting happened around dinner time along Freeport Boulevard in the Land Park neighborhood.

“I just came over and she was stumbling and there was blood everywhere,” witness Jason Nguyen said.

With dried blood on his hands, Nguyen was still so shaken up during his interview with CBS13, he initially forgot how to spell his own last name.

He heard a single shot and raced over to help the woman — a complete stranger — until an ambulance arrived to rush her to the hospital.

“‘Stay awake. Stay awake. Do not sleep,’ ” Nguyen yelled at the woman. “I slap her as hard as I can. She could not fall asleep. She would’ve died,” said Nguyen.

Witnesses say the reason she was shot is nothing short of senseless. She wasn’t even the intended target.

“He pulled up right here and then he got out of his car,” Chao said.

Chao explains the incident all started when a driver got mad at another man standing in the way of the driver as he tried to turn into the McDonald’s parking lot on Freeport Boulevard.

“He was like ‘if you see me pull up right there you should at least move or something,’ and (the other man) was like ‘I’m sorry about that,’ ” said Chao.

Apparently the apology wasn’t enough. Witnesses say the driver got out and the two men started arguing. Eventually the driver got back in his car, shot once out the window and sped off.

“It was pretty stupid. If they wanted to, they could’ve got in a fight and not deal with guns or weapons,” said Chao.

Sacramento police say the suspect missed his intended target and instead hit an innocent woman who had nothing to do with the fight.

The woman’s injuries are non-life threatening.

Investigators say the shooter sped off in a silver sedan.


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