SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A little-known music secret in Sacramento that has helped Grammy-winning artists like Kanye West and The Deftones is about to close its doors after 23 years.

There are all kinds of memories at The Hangar Studios where history has been made in the building. But if you take a look around, you can see it’s in pretty bad shape and now the owner says he has to go.

Twenty-three years ago, John Baccigaluppi decided it was time to strike a different chord in Sacramento, opening an 11,000 square foot recording studio.

“That’s what’s so great about this big space, is that you can have a band set up in here and track and they can all see each other,” said Baccigaluppi.

Over the years, his Sacramento recording studio has seen its share of famous musicians, most notably Kanye West.

“He had a big posse of guys, and it was interesting. The referral service had us triple our rate,” said Baccigaluppi. “They were like, ‘you don’t charge enough.’ Charge three times that and higher a runner.’ ”

Musicians could rent the space for $200 a day.

“This was such a great place for younger bands on smaller budgets to really be able to dig in and spend a week or two making a record,” said Baccigaluppi.

But now it’s recording its final note. The studio is in such bad shape, the landlord is remodeling.

“Something had to happen here. I mean, look at the roof, its caving in, in multiple places,” said Baccigaluppi of the space. “You know, the floor sags. The building is in bad shape. It really needs to get fixed.”

So with mixed feelings, Baccigaluppi can’t wait six months for the work to get completed, and he won’t be able to afford the higher rent. So he’s decided to open a new studio in the Bay Area.

“Don’t take it for granted because it won’t always be here,” he said.

Even though Baccigaluppi says it will be tough to leave, he’s amped up to open another recording studio in Marin County.

He says the place will close in April and he plans on opening his new studio this summer.


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