By Julissa Ortiz

The storm has pushed off east of Sacramento into the foothills.

Although the worst of the storm is over, there’s a chance of rain this afternoon.

Snow levels remain at 6,000 feet and have brought 6-10 of snow inches in the Sierra.

The storm system will continue to push through to the south, which will clear out on Friday. The temperatures will climb as we hit Saturday and Sunday.

Rain Totals

The high in Sacramento will be 65 today and will be between the mid to upper-60s for areas in the rest of the valley.

We’ll get up in the 70s heading into the weekend Sunday. There could be some light showers tonight, with the rain clearing out as we head into the overnight hours.

Resorts were excited about what may be their last hoorah for the season.

Overnight, the official start to spring struck, but so did a storm in the Sierra.

“It was great, started last night and really started snowing hard,” said PERSON.

More than a foot of snow fell at Boreal, and the staff couldn’t be happier that it was still falling Wednesday afternoon.

“Yeah, nice last hoorah, and also a nice set up for the Easter holiday. With Easter being really early this year, expect to have some big holiday crowds,” Boreal employee Jon Slaughter said.

Plenty of powder heads were looking to get on the slopes before spring sneaks in to slow things down.

Bite-sized boarder Caleb Bonneville says it’s hard to believe it’s spring with all the snow.

“I’d like it to keep on going and stay winter forever,” he said.

Usually, after Easter Boreal closes, and after a dry second half to this winter, any storm that can drum up decent snow is good news for drumming up business.

Alicea Coy brought a friend to Boreal, hoping to get in all the snow before her only option is sun and heat.

“Was hoping there would be a ton of snow and we got lucky. It’s really nice,” she said.

Even with the season’s changing, she’s still holding out on a late spring storm to give her another taste of winter.

“It would be nice to get away from the heat down there, come up and go boarding,” said Coy.


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