STOCKTON (CBS13) – The University of the Pacific Tigers fell to the University of Miami Friday in what was the last game for longtime Tigers Coach Bob Thomason, who ends his career with an appearance in the “big dance.”

Every TV in the UOP student center was showing the game. Despite the loss, everyone is proud of the tiger’s season.

Even after the Miami Hurricanes beat the Tigers, school spirit lived on.

“The basketball team is the talk of the town in Stockton. It’s great to get some community pride in Stockton,” said one fan.

UOP hosted a watch party that quickly transformed into a sea of orange and black.

“It’s been absolutely huge. Twitter has been blowing up on campus for support for this,” university employee Matt Camino said.

“Everyone was excited that they won the Big West. It just brought an electricity to the campus, everyone is really excited,” student Paige Cunsman said.

When the Tiger’s scored the first basket just a few moments into the game, the crowd erupted into cheers.

Staff, students and athletes came out to show support, including some of the women’s basketball team — also playing in a tournament Friday.

“They started the season off kind of slow. They were able to turn around, played some good teams, even making it to the tourney, such a great way for coach to go out,” women’s basketball player Kendall Rodriquez said.

Fans hope to see the Tigers make it again next year.


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