This morning, Craig is running on just 3 hours of sleep, and is hating the world! We get into why Craig was up until midnight last evening, and then we get an update on Slow Joe’s “Kate Upton” video he’ll be working on this weekend, before Drew tells us his “fat drunk with a prosthetic leg” story, and Phantom tells us about his “CBS Station Personnel” bracket. The guys then get into a discussion about ghosts and the supernatural, and Slow tells us his own experiences back in Fairfax, Virginia with dead spirits. After discussing Jennifer Capriati’s recent brush with the law, we get a visit from forensic psychologist and writer Kathryn Ramsland. Kathryn talks with the guys about the Jodi Arias trial, the things that push people to commit such heinous crimes, and what serial killer was her favorite to cover.

After another Rotating Random Phone Scan, the guys talk a bit about Major League Baseball’s opening day next week, and their favorite movie characters of all time, before the great Joey Diaz makes an in studio visit. Joey, who is performing at the Punchline in Sacramento all tonight and Saturday, weighs in on his favorite movie characters, his new movie “Grudge Match” with Robert DeNiro, scoring weed with Ralphie May and running into Lawrence Fishburne, and the fun he had being in the remake of “The Longest Yard”. After Joey, it’s time for the Phantom News. Today, Americans love cheese, the “Road Kill Salvage” bill in Montana, a “Boy Meets World” sequel, and the 10 most followed people on Twitter. And as always, the guys wrap things up with a caller 100!


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