SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An Elk Grove high school boys basketball team is celebrating a major victory after taking home the Division 1 state title.

“It was really emotional. It felt like something was lifted off all our chests,” senior Dakota Harrington said.

The Pleasant Grove High School Eagles took on the Santa Monica Vikings Friday, winning with 73 to 57.

“A lot of things had to line up for us and thankfully they did,” head coach John Duponte said.

“We had our biggest showing as far as the crowd goes. Cheerleaders brought good energy, it was a good community win for everyone,” Duponte said.

It was a hard fought season.

“It was a long hard season and was a lot of hard work and dedication — practice and preparation,” said Todd Crivello.

They are a close knit team.

“They’re really incredible and it’s been a lot of fun,” said one cheerleader.

One look and it’s obvious they really get along.

“We have a lot of fun together a lot of laughs,” said Crivello.

Three players will return next year, and fans might be watching a few others playing some college ball.

“We’ve got Malik Thame, Matthew Hayes and Colfax Nordquist who are three guys college programs would be a lot better if they got them on their team,” said Duponte.

For now, this team is soaking up the success, achieving the ultimate goal of the season and enjoying the ride.

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience in life,” said Duponte.

Pleasant Grove High School is only the fifth school from the area to win the state title.


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