FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – A destructive crash was caught on camera as an SUV drove through several businesses at a Fair Oaks strip mall Monday afternoon.

At around noon, a Ford Escape went through three businesses near Raley’s on Madison Avenue and Hazel Boulevard. The SUV also went through two walls and a glass front door, but no one was hurt.

“If there was people here, and if they were running a business, she could of killed maybe a couple people,” witness Pedram Rad said.

WATCH: Surveillance Video

Shop owner Ando Margaryan couldn’t believe what he was seeing on his security cameras.

“I was working on my sewing machine when I heard a big noise, like boom, and check the camera and I see the car is coming in,” he said.

When he rushed out front, he saw nothing but destruction.

“I jumped out and I see everything is destroyed and I can’t find the car and I see it’s over there,” Margaryan said of the scene.

The SUV ended up two doors down at Rim’s Deli.

“You could hear all this crashing and the next thing you know, she is pushing through kind of slow,” said deli owner David Trowbridge.

The walls could be heard cracking as they were crumbling after the green Ford sped through the storefront.

“I’m amazed with that much impact to go through that many structures and to end up hurting nobody is impressive,” said Michelle Eidman, Sac Metro Fire spokesperson.

The elderly driver did not want to talk on camera but did say she hit the gas instead of the break pedal.

Construction crews boarded up the gaping holes within an hour of the crash.

“We carried on but it does throw you a little bit,” said Trowbridge.

As for the clothing store, it appears only a few pants and shirts will be lost.

“Don’t worry about it. Who cares? They’re alive. Nobody got hurt. This is okay,” said Margaryan.

The damaged stores are now boarded up.


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