SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Same-sex marriage supporters are gathering in Sacramento for a rally and candlelight vigil outside of the federal courthouse in Sacramento with both sides of the debate.

“I am very happy it was heard at the Supreme Court level,” said Shelly Bailes, who is against Prop. 8.

“That’s why this case should have never been allowed in federal court,” said Randy Thomasson of

The Supreme Court is shining a huge spotlight on Proposition 8, and just like the justices, those for or against it have an argument and an opinion.

Download: Supreme Court Audio and Transcripts

Shelly Bailes and Ellen Pontac of Davis have been together for 39 years.

“And we’ve been married since June 16 of 2008,” said Shelly.

They have been fighting for gay rights for decades. They listened to today’s Supreme Court arguments and believe they are witnessing history.

“Now they will be able to rule on something that will be their legacy,” said Ellen.

“Judges aren’t around to solve problems,” said Randy.

Randy Thomasson of is the polar opposite of Shelly and Ellen. He believes millions of California voters already spoke in 2008.

“Prop. 8 should have been the law of the land without question,” said Thomasson.

Those still fighting Proposition 8 believe they have the momentum now.

“We’re one in four states, which was unthinkable before,” said Ellen.

“If I was betting I believe we would win in that Prop. 8 would be overturned standing,” said Shelly.

What both sides are waiting for is to see how the Supreme Court defines marriage.

“In the California Constitution only marriage between a man and a woman is recognized,” said Randy.

“I am not fighting for our marriage. I am fighting for everyone’s marriage. I’m fighting for equality for everybody.”


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