The day starts with an update on G.M. Steve: He doesn’t want us to talk about him on the air anymore. Doni, in compliance, decides to avoid discussing his post show meeting with G.M. Steve yesterday, and instead decides to show us the new blog created by former intern, and disgusting wildebeest, Lady G. After the guys have a field day ripping apart the blog, and reminiscing on her stupidity, Craig tells us about a youtube video that was posted by a friend of his mom, in which a naked man walking across Highway 99 climbs onto the car of the woman taking the video and spazzes out.

After watching an IRS training video, which was in the style of “Star Trek,” and cost $60K to make, we hear a montage of an MMA fighter who’s last name sounds like “my anus,” and watch a video of wrestler X Pac actually ripping his anus during an actual match. Doni then pulls out a new batch of vocals only mixes of famous songs, including those of Diana Ross, The Temptations, Boston, and the Jackson 5. The guys also discuss which NFL player would make the best gay, and Don tells us about the “Cowsills” documentary on Showtime he saw over the weekend, before diving into a new educational film that Slow Joe found from 1951, titled “Live And Learn.”

It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Among the stories today: a new Norm MacDonald podcast, a 19 year old gets 30 months for using his laser pointer on police aircraft, a death on the set of “French Survivor,” and TV reminders for the evening. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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