Grant opened up today’s show ON FIRE! He talked about the historic vote that was passed by City Council, last night to build a new arena. Grant challenged the fans of Sacramento to, “roll up their sleeves up to their necks” and support the Kings. To show your support, you can can go to Mayor Kevin Johnson would like to have 10,000 fans pledge to buy new season tickets, by the time he presents to the Board of Governors, April 3rd, in NY. Callers weighed in on how they felt about the Kings chances of staying in Sacramento and how proud they were of the support in the community.

Grant was joined by Mayor Kevin Johnson who talked about the chances of keeping the Kings in Sacramento. Kevin said that the most difficult thing is the emotional roller coaster that the community has to constantly deal with. He also said that the long term investment is one of the most important things about keeping the Kings in Sacramento. Kevin said that the four things that will get this deal done are ownership, the market, fans, and the corporate base. Mayor Johnson stressed the fact that we need 10,000 pledges for the movement. Grant asked Kevin if he was bothered by the fact that it was not a unanimous vote for the arena deal. Kevin said he was not at all bothered by it, he said that people are always going to have different opinions and as long as you’re getting the majority vote it’s worth it.

During Grant’s Rant he talked about the two counsel members who voted against the new arena deal for the Sacramento Kings. Grant was joined by sports columnist Darren Rovell who talked about the Kings staying in Sacramento. Darren felt that having an arena does not necessarily lead to having a lot of revenue unless it’s guaranteed. Grant said that he disagreed because many teams around the league have created new sports venues and created more revenue throughout the community.


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