Wednesday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about the City Council Meeting held at Sacramento’s City Hall last night. The term sheet was voted on and building the arena in downtown is a go. We asked fans what their reaction is after last night’s news?

News10 Nick Monacelli joins The Jason Ross Show to talk about the news he broke on twitter Wednesday morning about Kings minority owner Bob Cook selling his 7% to Seattle’s Chris Hansen. He explains how it’s a steal for Hansen who only has to purchase it for $15 million. He also talks about Sacramento finding someone to match the price and having 15 days to do so.

The Kings play the Warriors tonight in Oakland. We asked listeners who they have winning this one?

CSN Bay Area’s Bip Roberts joins The Jason Ross Show to talk some baseball! He previews the Oakland A’s offense and why teams are going to overlook them this season. He touches on Tim Lincecum and how Bochy and the Giants will keep him around until he is not performing.

Miami is going for their 27th consecutive win tonight. We asked listeners to fill in the blank: Miami’s win streak is…


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