CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A man was stabbed to death in a Carmichael home, and a relative is behind bars charged with his murder.

“He was just a fantastic teacher, just a wonderful man,” friend Tami Strauch said.

At around 11 p.m. Wednesday, deputies were called to a home in the 6200 block of Coyle Avenue where a man had reportedly been stabbed. When they arrived, deputies found the victim with stab wounds and blunt force trauma, according to Sacramento County Sheriff’s department spokesperson Sgt. Jason Ramos.

“This attack came out of nowhere, and it was very shocking and surprising to the family members that were there,” said Ramos.

The Sacramento County Coroner identified the victim as 65-year-old Roy Shier.

Witnesses told deputies 26-year-old Kenneth Azlin — Shier’s wife’s grandson — ran off shortly before deputies arrived. A search of the nearby area on foot — with the help of K9 — and from the air resulted in the capture of Azlin at nearby Coyle Avenue Elementary. A knife believed to be used in the stabbing was also found.

“We have every reason to believe it was at least one of the instruments used in the attack,” said Ramos.

Investigators say they believe Shier’s teenage son witnessed at least part of the brutal attack.

“He’s got the best kids, and I’m really worried about the children,” said Strauch.

Kenneth Azlin (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.)

Kenneth Azlin (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.)

“Totally shocked when something like this happens,” said neighbor Rich Erickson. “I think it’s getting a little crazy around here. I don’t know how people’s minds could think that way.”

A motive for the stabbing is being investigated.

Shier was a long time child care provider, working for San Juan Unified School District.

Trent Allen, a spokesperson for the district issued this statement: “Heartfelt sympathies and thoughts are with Mr. Shier’s family. He was an important part of our school community and he will be missed.”

The suspect posted online about white supremacy, and his family says his bizarre behavior had worried them for weeks.

Family members say Azlin has psychological problems — maybe even a drug problem — but insist he isn’t a violent person. They just don’t know what could’ve made him snap. One look at his Facebook page makes it clear this is a man who is deeply troubled.

Pictures show disturbing depictions of hate, appearing to celebrate the Ku Klux Klan and violence.

“He’s not violent at all, and something in him snapped,” said Julie Bilotti, Azlin’s aunt.

In her words, her nephew has been going through some “crazy” things lately — mental problems she believes that were brought on by drugs.

“My nephew is a very sweet young man. He’s mixed up. He’s on some type of — we’re not for sure — but maybe on some type of drug,” said Bilotti.

She says Azlin came to stay for a few days with her mom and step-dad, Schier. It was last night when deputies say Azlin suddenly and savagely attacked his 65-year-old step-grandpa.

Family members wonder how Schier’s own relative — troubled or not — could even be capable of taking his life.

“My mom has really clinged (sic) on to him. That’s her life and she just lost her whole life right now,” said Bilotti.

As Schier’s family mourns, Azlin sits behind bars. He declined our request for a jailhouse interview.

His family plans to visit him soon so they can look him in the eye and ask what happened.


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