Thursday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about Mayor KJ on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and being asked what he thinks the percentage the Kings will stay in Sac. He said “Steve Nash on the free throw line (90%)” We asked listeners what they think the percentage the Kings will be staying in Sac?

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora joins The Jason Ross Show to talk about what’s going on in the NFL and how Raiders QB Carson Palmer is possibly leaving Oakland because they want him to take a pay cut. He also touches on the Raiders’ interest in Seahawks backup QB Matt Flynn.

We touch on the Kings beating the Warriors last night. Isaiah Thomas finished with a career high 7 threes and 31 points. Can Isaiah be a legitimate starting point guard in the NBA?

The Jason Ross Show welcomes Jerry Reynolds to talk about the Kings victory over the Warriors last night. He touches on what the Warriors will be able to do in the postseason and the Heat’s winning streak coming to an end.


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