SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police are investigating shots fired in a popular midtown area overnight.

Police say four shots were fired in total. Two went through the glass window at Buckhorn Grill and the two others went through an access door of 1801 L Street apartments.

“It’s a little to close to home,” resident Eric Van Valer said. “I’m shocked, we live here because we think this building is safe, and to see this, it’s kind of, it’s a little too much.”

One resident of apartments was walking home when he saw the bullet holes and called police.

He says even though this happened he still feels safe in his home.

“Living here in Midtown I’ve never seen any incident being out late at night that would make me feel unsafe. Frankly, I see this as an isolated incident,” said resident Chris Ehigner

Buckhorn Assistant Manager Jared Agee agrees the shooting could have been a lot worse.

“It’s scary because we do have people here at night time that clean the floors, that come in and drop deliveries. So anybody could have been hit. I’m really happy no one was,” he said.

Midtown has had some crime issues lately. Just two weeks ago. 28-year-old Josiah Humphreys was beaten to death at 18th and P Streets.

“It’s sad that midtown is turning into more of a crime populated area. It didn’t used to be so bad but every town has it’s’ bad parts. It sucks that it’s happening down here in midtown,” said Agee.

Buckhorn says it could cost up to or more than $1,000 to replace the shot windows.

Police don’t have any suspects or a motive in the shooting.


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