ITS KAZOO FRIDAY on The Jason Ross Show! A lot of money is being thrown around in the sports world today. Buster Posey signs a $167 million deal with the Giants. Tony Romo signs a 6-year extension worth $108 million with the Cowboys and the Detroit Lions sign pitcher Justin Verlander to a $180 million contract. We touch on all these new deals and more.

The Jason Ross Show welcomes former NBA player Kenny Anderson who is being honored by the NCAA as one of the top 50 players in March Madness history. He talks about the NCAA tournament always being an exciting time of year, he also touches on his years playing against the Kings and how the Arco Arena crowd was always like playing in a college atmosphere.

The Kings beat the Suns last night. Sacramento has 27 wins this season, the most wins since the 07-08 season. We asked listeners how they would characterize this season?

Giants Analyst Rich Aurillia joins The Jason Ross Show to preview the Giants season coming up and what expectations fans and the organization have for this year’s team. He touches on Buster Posey’s 9-year, $167 million deal San Francisco agreed to today.

It’s time for the Sweet 16! We asked listeners if your brackets busted, are you still following the rest of the NCAA tourney?


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