By Steve Large

WOODLAND (CBS13) – Days before Easter, a bunny rabbit is being celebrated after a Woodland girl’s stolen pet was returned.

Thanks to a quick thinking neighbor, 7-year-old Alley has her pet rabbit Sparkles back.

All the neighborhood kids love the bunny that was taken from the front porch of Alley’s home.

“It’s Easter coming up, they saw a rabbit,” Alley’s neighbor said.

He saw them hoist the rabbit hutch into their pickup.

“Seconds, it was quick, and took a cell phone picture of them driving away with the rabbit hutch in the back that they had just stolen from the porch of my neighbors,” he said.

Alley’s grandma called the local paper, which posted the pictures to Facebook. But whoever stole Sparkles abandoned him down a neighborhood alley.

“I have a few choice words I probably shouldn’t say, but I think they’re pathetic,” said Khris Ramirez, Alley’s grandmother.

Someone nearby spotted the rabbit and came to its rescue.

Now Alley has a new Easter story, but most importantly, she has her bunny back.

“I think he was feeling sad, but not mad at us, but mad at the person who took him,” said Alley.

Sparkles’ days on the front porch are likely over. The family is going to make his new home in the backyard.

Alley’s family plans on filing a police report, and hopes to find out who took Sparkles.


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