By Rob McAllister

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Kings and Lakers fans alike are wondering if this is the end of a rivalry. If so, Lakers fans will walk away happy tonight as LA won 103-98, but the memories of tonight pale in comparison to what we have witnessed over the past three decades. 

It is more than just a game when the Lakers and Kings meet head to head.

“Any time you play the Lakers there is special electricity in the house,” said Kings announcer Gary Gerould.

There have been so many memorable moments, but five stand out from the rest.

Number five came in 1989. It would be the first time the Kings beat the hated Lakers in the new Arco Arena.

“The amazing energy of the fans in the early years just absolutely had the place rocking on its foundation do when you beat Magic, Worthy that was a crowning achievement,” said Gerould.

Number four: Fast forward to the early 2000s when the feud intensifies as the Kings make a run for a title.

“Not only jabs through the media but a few real punches thrown as well,” said former Kings player Bobby Jackson.

“I think Jackie Christie got in the best shots with the hand bag,” said Gerould.

Number three: April 13th 2011. What was supposed to be the  last game in Sacramento as the team was set to leave for Anaheim.

“At that time I absolutely thought was the last end of the road,” said Gerould.

Number two: Mike Bibby with the jumper from the wing in game four of the 2002 playoffs putting the Kings up three games to two.

“I had a suspicion Bibby would hit that shot,” said TV broadcaster Jerry Reynolds.

And Number one: Game four of that same series.

“Vlade goes up for the back tap on a Shaquille miss and you’re thinking that’s it, that’s gonna do it. And, of course, we all know what happens next,” said Gerould.

The shot saved the Lakers.

“I don’t think I could breathe for 20 seconds,” said Reynolds.

It forever put a scar on the hearts of Kings fans.

Also tonight, Kobe Bryant moved to number four in the NBA all-time scoring list, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain. Although not a Kings fan, Kobe is in the Kings corner by predicting the Kings will be here next year.


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