We start the day with a story out of Bonita Springs, Fl., where 2 morning DJ’s at “Gator Country” radio pulled an April Fool’s joke on their listeners, saying there was dihydrogen monoxide in the water taps, leading to mass hillbilly hysteria. Don calls up the station to see if the DJ’s were really suspended, or if it was just a stunt. The guys then watch a video of President Obama sucking at basketball over the weekend, before getting into a discussion about the passing of “Buckwild” star Shain Gandee, at the age of 21. Don also reads a new prison letter sent to the show by Dave “Deuce” Mason’s dad, before reading a few different lists on celebrity suicide, and hearing a clip of Rick Reilly going off on Chris Brown.

We then get a visit from our good buddy Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Dennis tells us about meeting Marilyn Monroe when he was a little kid, his new “Economic Stimulus” promotion at the Bunny Ranch, and has bunny Brooke Taylor read some of the prison mail that is sent to the ranch regularly. After Dennis, Don reads a paper, written by a Temple Ph.D student, about Don’s annual “Elvis Death Day” show. Don then calls the guy to talk about the paper.

After a Rotating Random Phone Scan that turns into a “Dragnet” film fest, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Magic Johnson has a gay son, a guy urinates in a movies theater, and the BBC’s “Greatest Album of All Time.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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