Today is the big NBA Board Of Governors meeting, which will decide the fate of the Kings in Sacramento. As the guys watch the live footage in New York on Good Day Sacramento, the guys keep seeing Dave Deuce Mason, who there to report, in the background shots. Don calls Deuce to have him update us on the situation there, before telling us about a voice mail he received yesterday from a private investigator regarding the passing of Naked Lady Di a year ago. Don is still debating whether or not he’ll call the guy back.

We then hear about a small town in Texas, that smells like rotting cows, and Don calls a few stores in the town to talk to the people about the problem. We also hear what Magic Johnson’s gay son E.J. sounds like, and Phil Jackson tells us there are “no gays in the NBA.” After hearing that Lamar Odom’s Cancer Foundation is a fraud, and Martha Stewart hangs with Snoop Dogg, Don gives us a list of famous TV characters that were originally supposed to be played by other actors, and we jump into another Rotating Random Phone Scan.

Don then tells us about an 8 year old in Tennessee that’s been suspended from school for smelling bad, and that Samoa Air is the first commercial airline to charge by the pound, before reading a new conspiracy theory survey, and jumping into the “Phantom News. Among the stories today: a bad April Fool’s joke at a Waffle House, Pizza Hut’s new “Crazy Cheesy Crust” pizza, and the Rolling Stones announce the next leg of their North American tour. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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