SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local man led officers on a high-speed chase that went on for miles and put drivers in danger, but the suspect’s mother says a giant brain tumor likely caused the whole ordeal.

“I love him very much and I miss him,” said Betty Donahue, the suspect’s mother.

Betty says she is worried sick about her son, 54-year-old Timothy Donohue, who was arrested after a high-speed chance.

“He’s not a murderer. He’s not a violent person. He would do anything for anybody,” said Betty.

Instead, she says he’s sick. Recently, things have changed with Timothy after doctors discovered and removed a brain tumor the size of an orange.

“He was not acting the same, not at all, not all,” said Betty.

She says Timothy has been acting erratically ever since the surgery. He’s sometimes confused. Often he’s enraged.

“I think a lot of it is pressure on the brain, but I wasn’t aware of this,” she said. “The doctors didn’t tell me that this would happen.”

Yes she says the brain tumor, or its removal, has caused her son to completely change.

“I think he definitely needs medical help,” said Betty.

It may sound odd, but according to the American Brain Tumor Association, changes in behavior occur in the majority of patients with brain tumors at some point during their treatment, including changes in emotional control.

Timothy, who has almost no criminal record, is described as a sweet guy. He is accused of speeding down Interstate 5 in his Corvette and almost hitting an officer.

Betty says it’s an event that requires medical attention, not a prison sentence.

“He doesn’t need to be where he’s at right now,” she said. “He needs to be back in the hospital where they should be able to take care of him.”

Timothy’s family is concerned that officials at the jail are not aware of his condition; however, officials say they are, and say, like all other inmates, he will get the medical help he needs.


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