The day begins with Don’s visit to the dry cleaners on Saturday, the 13 year olds Don saw there, and the disgusting contents of their laundry bag. We then hear about Drew and Slow Joe’s trip to the movies for the Evil Dead premiere Friday night, before Slow Joe pulls out his whip-it kit, and does a few on the air. After discussing whether or not Blake Shelton was drunk on the Country Music Awards last night, Don tells us how often women wash their bras, and we then hear what Don used to do to his mom’s bras, much to the disgust of all the guys.

We then hear about Bill Wixey’s (he the Seattle reporter with the dumb Sacramento “Top 5 List” from last week) return email to Little Joe about coming on the show, and Don has LJ right yet another email to the guy, before we hear about Craig’s text message to Don over the weekend, about a story Craig found regarding a “controversial oral circumcision” ritual performed by extreme orthodox Rabbis. Don also tells us about a buddy of his from Atlanta who tried playing Don in Madden for money, only to lose $250 to the big guy.

We then get a visit from Marlo Jordan, the new “Miss Cougar Life.” Marlo, who’s form Sacramento, talks about, why she prefers young men, and why older women are so much better than women in their 20’s! After Marlo, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, the passing of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at 87, Colorado marijuana tours, Chris Brown and Rihanna have split up, Nicole Kidman will make a cameo in Anchorman 2, and the “Kitten Bowl” will debut on the Hallmark Channel during the Super Bowl this year. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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