SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The winds will die down today. They were strong enough to bring down tree limbs, but today conditions will be a little breezy.

Wind gusts topped 47 mph in Sacramento, 44 in Stockton and 43 in Modesto on Monday.

A wind advisory is in effect for the Sacramento area south through Modesto where winds gusts are currently at 25 mph and could gust as high as 35-40 mph. Peak gusts are expected to occur between the late morning and afternoon. The advisory will expire at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Conditions are clear without a cloud in the sky, which is giving us a slightly cool start to the morning.

Temperatures will be rising quickly over the next couple of days. They’ll get up into 76 degrees in Sacramento and 74 degrees in Stockton and Modesto.

Despite the breezy conditions, the wind will die down considerably. As the front flattens out, we’ll have very mellow weather and a considerable warm-up tomorrow.

A huge tree came crashing down at American Legion Park in Stockton, landing inches from a park bench. Luckily, no one was hurt.

A city spokeswoman says crews hope to remove the tree by the end of the week.

Monday’s strong winds left a lot to clean up Tuesday.

A tree came toppling down onto Dodie’s home.

“I can’t get out my front door,” she said.

The sound of the tree falling was so loud her neighbors came out to make sure everything was fine.

“My neighbor called the fire department and they were the first on scene,” said Dodie.

Her roof was damaged — along with her ceiling. Currently, the main concern is to get the outside area cleaned up.

WATCH: 7-Day Forecast

For having a tree fall on her home — Dodie seems in pretty good spirits.

“I’m not using that room anyway so it doesn’t matter to me,” she said.

Dodie is using her back door to get in and out of her home right now — as pieces of the tree get taken care of one by one.

The storm we had last week is blowing storm into the Rockies where they’re seeing a lot of snow. All that cold air will be hitting the cold, moist air in central Iowa, creating perfect conditions for a spring storm.


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