LATHROP (CBS13) – Skeletal remains were recovered in a rural Lathrop field after a bicyclist spotted what appeared to be a bone Tuesday. He looked again and found parts of a human skeleton.

After making the gruesome discovery, witnesses say Joga Shergill went to the Dasmesh Trucking School Boarding House to call for help.

Trucking instructor Shergill called 911 and then took a look at the remains scattered on the side of South Manthey Road.

“We have one student missing from our school a year and a half ago,” Shergill said.

While investigators have a pathologist and anthropologist examine the skeleton, Shergill fears the remains are that of Sukhwinder Singh.

“I don’t know, maybe he was killed by somebody we don’t know,” said Shergill.

The 22-year-old trucking student vanished in October 2011. Singh left behind his luggage at the trucking school boarding house and walked about a mile to a nearby shopping center.

That’s where the student was seen on surveillance video buying food and supplies before disappearing.

“We couldn’t find the clue where he go,” said Shergill.

The unidentified remains found Tuesday are eerily close to the spot where Singh vanished — just down the street from the trucking school boarding house.

Shergill hopes detectives will identify the remains soon.

“Whoever these guys, have a son or daughter, they may be looking for somebody. They’re missing their family member, you know?” said Shergill.

Investigators say it will be weeks before the remains will be identified.


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