SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – He defines courage.

“I’m more motivated than I’ve been in my life,” said victim Jonathan Robinson.

Thirty-two-year-old Robinson was stabbed seven times in Natomas at the beginning of April while trying to stop two bullies picking on kids.

CBS13 spoke to Robinson today while he lay in a bed at UC Davis Medical Center continuing to recover.

“I was feeling myself slip away,” said Robinson.

Stabbed multiple times, Robinson struggled, fighting to survive, and he did survive with help from strangers, family and doctors.

“They saved my life,” he said.

He spent nearly two weeks in a coma with machines breathing for him. Today, he’s got a lot to say from the bed in the intensive care unit.

“I actually got one of my lungs back today,” he said.

It’s an amazing recovery after a brutal attack that happened when he tried to stop two men.

“They were picking on these little kids, probably 12 to 14,” he said.

But eventually the suspects would turn on him — one with a knife.

“I’m thinking I’m being hit,” he said.

But as Robinson tried to get away – he knew it wasn’t just punches.

“I started getting a little weak, and I really noticed the one that collapsed my lung,” he said.

As he went to get help, the suspects followed and continued their attack.

“They had a chance to stop multiple times, but they were nonstop malicious,” he said.

Police would arrest Kenny Ellis and Heriberto Mendoza for the crimes, but still haven’t released their photos.

“I’m just glad that they’re not going to do it to anyone else,” said Robinson.

As for Robinson, he still has a long road to recovery and says he regrets the outcome, but doesn’t regret his effort to help.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” he said. “I’m more motivated then I’ve ever been in my life.”

After he gets out of the hospital, he will still have to go to rehab. After that, he plans to work with bully prevention organizations.

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