By Rob McAllister

STOCKTON (CBS13) – The video is enough to make your skin crawl: a peeping tom caught staring at a girl through a window at her Stockton home.

Stockton police want to put this criminal behind bars, so they posted the video to their Facebook page, and in only 24 hours, it’s received tens of thousands of views. And the clicks just keep coming.

“We have over 200 thousand people that’s looked at this video,” said Stockton police Ofc. Joe Silva.

That’s right, 230,000 views of video of a peeping Tom staring into a teenage girl’s bedroom.

“Seeing how suspicious he was and sneaking around ducking down going behind bushes, I think that really touched home to a lot of parents,” said Silva.

With the clicks come several hundred comments, but what police want even more of are tips.

“Now going to have someone who views this will know who this person is so we can get him off the streets,” said Silva.

No arrests have been made yet, but Officer Silva says with this kind of response on Facebook, detectives believe they are getting closer to finding this man.

“It’s real encouraging it’s just showing that social media dies work with law enforcement in the community,” said.

Police say it’s likely the peeping tom has done this before. This is just the first time he was caught on video.


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