SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some Sacramento runners were among the more than 23,000 runners that ran the Boston Marathon Monday morning.

“We heard these really loud sonic booms and immediately we ran to the window and saw smoke,” said Michelle La Sala.

La Sala, who has ran the marathon six times, and her fiancé had just finished the race and were resting in her hotel room when the explosions went off.

“To have this happen, it’s just been really devastating. There is just so much thrill and excitement in the air and then this happens,” she said.

Immediately La Sala and her fiancé’s thoughts went to their friends also in the race.

“I knew they were very close to the finish line,” she said. “The phones, the texting has not been working really well.”

She saw people running for their lives, wondering how many runners were hurt or killed.

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“I’ve been able to communicate through Facebook. I messaged a friend of my parents to call my parents and tell them I was OK,” La Sala said.

It was a call her mom, Charlene, who was glued to the TV, had desperately been waiting for.

“I’ve been a nervous wreck until I found out she was OK. I mean, it’s been disbelief from the beginning,” she said. “Why would someone do this?”

This mom has faced the dangers of death before with a child. Her son is currently serving overseas in Afghanistan.

“So a phone call or something like this, hopefully would never happen, but would be more expected. You anticipate that, he is in a danger zone,” Charlene said.

La Sala says her friends are safe and she can’t wait to get back home to see her family who.

“I’ll be thrilled when she’s home,” said Charlene.

A Sacramento man had just finished running the marathon and was also resting in his hotel room when he heard the explosions.

“First and foremost, we want to know our friends are OK,” said Bill Clements. “It’s just a really tragic thing, doesn’t make any sense.”


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