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SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau has released a :30 commercial in advance of the NBA Board of Governors and relocation committee meetings in New York aimed at convincing league officials to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

The video titled “THIS IS OUR TEAM” was posted to YouTube on Tuesday by SCVB, and is running in a giant video monitor in Times Square.

The ad shows an actor holding a newspaper announcing the Hansen-led Seattle deal for the Kings. He throws it behind him as a crowd, clad in Kings apparel, comes into the frame and begins cheering. The scene then turns purple as various messages in large white type appear on screen in time with a driving rock tune.

In a press release issued Monday, SCVB President & CEO Steve Hammond said keeping the team in Sacramento has far-reaching implications for the area.

“We’ve long-maintained that keeping the Kings in Sacramento is bigger than basketball,” said SCVB President & CEO Steve Hammond. “It’s about programming our Central Business District with an arena and leveraging that investment as a catalyst for new development in our downtown. It’s about attracting new programming and visitors to grow the general funds of the City and County, which will improve the quality of life for our residents. This is bigger than basketball: It’s about the continued vitality and growth of our City for residents and the regional community at large.”

Vimeo user “Onepager” uploaded and edited video of the commercial running in times square.

The commercial is scheduled to run every five minutes for a 72-hour period beginning on Tuesday.

The NBA’s joint committee assigned to give a recommendation on the issue will convene again Wednesday. The league’s annual Board of Governors meeting is Thursday and Friday, when a full assembly of owners could finally end all the twists and turns of this turbulent tale involving two cities.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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