STOCKTON (CBS13) – A suspected reckless driver tried to run from officers, leading them on a wild chase through the streets of Stockton before slamming into another vehicle.

Police say the young driver kept going and then slammed into a pickup truck pulling a trailer filled with equipment.

“I live right there, and that’s too close to comfort for me to be honest with you,” resident Robert Martinez said of the accident near his home.

After allegedly causing the crash, police say the driver left the car behind and took off running — a move that sparked a door-to-door search in the neighborhood. Officers found the man hiding in a near by apartment.

“We were able to get enough officers out at the scene and saturate the neighborhood, and took the suspect into custody,” said Officer Joseph Silva.

During the search, officers discovered a gun and a baggy of potential evidence inside the apartment. They don’t think it belongs to the driver, but neighbors are on edge.

“Seeing the shotgun, I didn’t like that,” said Martinez.

Neighbors say they are relieved that no one was seriously hurt in the crash.


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