SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Five men were arrested in connection with a jewelry store robbery in Elk Grove where an employee says she was pistol-whipped and held at gunpoint.

One of the suspects entered Guzzi Fine Jewelers [WHEN] pretending to sell a gold grille. Guzzi employee Julia Shultz said that’s when he grabbed her arm, put a gun to her head and announced the robbery.

“I had a minute where … I heard the gun click.” Shultz said. “I thought, ‘This is not real.’”

Shultz said was pistol-whipped and thrown to the ground.

“I got sick to my stomach and I was instantly thinking about my family—I got kids.”

Four more suspects entered the store, smashed a display case and made off with the contents, Elk Grove Police said.

Owner Joe Guzzi said the suspects didn’t get away with much, since the display case jewelry consisted of brass replicas, not gold.

Guzzi was ready to find the men who robbed his store.

“I got a supercharger in my truck, so I was on them fast,” he said.

He lead Elk Grove police to a parking lot where the suspects were caught after crashing into a parked car.

“They hurt somebody I know, and they just stopped at the wrong spot,” said Guzzi.

Officers recovered the jewelry and two handguns from the getaway car.

Despite all she went through, Shultz is still keeping her sense of humor.

“I had all these firemen feeling me up, checking me out, and I said if I would’ve known this was gonna happen, I’d have dressed better.”

Police say they recovered two handguns and stolen jewelry from the suspects’ car.

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