SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A former Sacramento police officer will spend one year in county jail for lying about dozens of DUI arrests he made.

The allegations came to light after discrepancies surfaced between 28-year-old Brandon Mullock’s written reports and his dash cam video.

As a result, the district attorney had to dismiss 79 cases in which Mullock was the principle witness. In 73 of the cases, the arrests led to convictions and had to be overturned.

A criminal investigation revealed numerous false statements made in police reports and under oath.

In lieu of spending five years in state prison, Mullock will serve one year in county jail on formal felony probation. He also will have to pay a $1,000 fine to Safetyville USA — a DUI treatment and rehabilitation program — because of the negative impact his crimes had on DUI law enforcement.

Mullock can never work as an officer again as a result of the perjury conviction. He resigned in August 2010 after three years on the police force.

Following his sentencing, Mullock was taken into custody to begin serving his year in county jail.


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