ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A local runner who ran in this year’s Boston Marathon is back home, and watched today’s manhunt unfold.

Bill Clements’ first run at the Boston Marathon ended an hour before the bombs went off. What should have been a happy occasion has been tainted by what happened.

“It looks like a war zone,” Clements said.

Watching Boston under siege is baffling for Clements. His memories of Boston are now overshadowed by pictures of terror and chaos.

“Things have definitely escalated and I definitely feel for the people of Boston,” he said. “I can imagine the people today who want to go to work or go to school or want to see their friends, and they’re being told to stay in their homes.”

And like so many others following this tragedy, Bill’s asking questions. The biggest one: Why?

“What on earth happened to these kids that put them on such a demonic, black, dark path? What in our society spawned this type of behavior?”

He’s trying to focus on the positive. And to show his support in spirit, he’s already put up a poster in his home—“All in for Boston”—a sign that this town is strong and resilient.

“My heart really goes out to Boston, and I really hope this matter is closed soon, peacefully and nobody else gets hurt.”

Bill says despite everything that happened, he will go back to the Boston Marathon next year. He thinks more even more people will take part in next year’s event to show support for the victims of this year’s tragedy.


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