DAVIS (CBS13) – Hundreds of people enjoyed the sunshine out at UC Davis, for the 99th Annual Picnic Day.

It doesn’t matter how they got here, be it by bus, bike, stroller or by foot, thousands of people lined the streets and walkways to explore the UC Davis campus during Picnic Day.

“We are allegedly the largest student run event,” said Jonathan Wu, chair of UC Davis Picnic Day.

“Yes, this year I brought my entire family and my dog,” said Andrea Reinhardt, UC Davis incoming freshman.

Some just wanted to lounge while others made it a reason to socialize.

“We’re meeting some friends and family,” said Chelsea Breckenridge, a UC Davis Alumni.

Many showed up early to avoid the long lines and enjoyed the cockroach and dog race.

And of course, everyone at UC Davis encouraged recycling.

No doubt there’s a lot of cleanup this evening on campus so custodians and groundskeepers are earning time and half for picnic day work.

Normally police keep a close eye on public drunkenness, but this year they’re being extra vigilant.


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