NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – A 10-year-old boy was shot during a kids’ birthday party and witnesses think the boy may’ve been the intended target.

Eric Raya Ramirez is still in critical condition at hospital after he was shot at least four times — in the lower back and leg, say police.

A bullet hole is still in the window at a home where Eric was shot on Saturday night.

“He’s 10. He didn’t do a thing,” said neighbor Kyle Rus.

Kyle lives next door on Whitecliff Way. He says several kids were playing in the front yard when a black Acura pulled up, a man got out, then pointed a gun at Eric and fired.

“He was aiming at the kid that’s all we know,” said Rus.

That’s when Rus’ twin brother, Bradford, ran out to help.

“They wrapped the one on the leg, turned him over and found three on his back. So they held pressure until the ambulance got there,” said Rus.

Deputies say Eric was at relative’s birthday party during the incident. Family members who watched in horror as he was gunned down are now by his side in the ICU.

“And they were all in so much shock they couldn’t react. My brother and my mom were the only people who moved,” said Rus.

Neighbors are very shaken, especially since police don’t have anything to go on other than the car’s appearance.

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