Sacramento’s temperate weather and base of highly skilled applicants have long lured businesses to set up contact center operations here, but some offices and call centers left the area during the economic downturn. Burgeoning growth in the market means an influx of new jobs, including 500 call center positions coming to Rancho Cordova for the State’s new California Health Insurance Exchange.

Terri Carpenter, Public Information Officer for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, says that SETA has a finger on the pulse of the local job market and is seeing real movement. The agency’s Sacramento Works program offers a variety services to bring businesses and potential employees together for the success of all involved.

Terri Carpenter, public information officer, Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (credit: Valerie Heimerich)

Terri Carpenter, public information officer, Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (photo courtesy of Terri Carpenter)

What is making Sacramento businesses feel more positive?

“Hiring was on the back burner for many companies for so long”, says Carpenter. “But the economy is improving, sales are up and employers are ready to get started.” A complete turnaround will not happen overnight, but the outlook is definitely improving. Newly employed people will have money to spend at local businesses, which in turn will allow companies to expand even further.

What fields are showing the most growth?

A wide range of administrative and support services jobs are in the forecast. SETA projections indicate more growth in positions for office clerks and customer services reps than for nearly all other local job types in the next five years.

Is extensive experience or advanced education required for these positions?

Numerous administrative and support jobs involve on-the-job training more than formal education, and many employers are looking beyond the resume when considering hiring someone. “Communication and soft skills keep coming back as key needs for businesses,” particularly when companies are competing for customer dollars. A winning applicant will know how to treat, speak to and show respect for customers.

Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
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