By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We first told you about Dr. Glenda Goodwin in July 2011 when one of her patients struggled getting her own medical records.

This new accusation says failing to hand over those records was just one of several violations in our viewer Stephanie Small’s case.

“I think her license needs to be pulled, absolutely,” Stephanie said of her former OB-GYN.

The accusation filed against Goodwin accuses her of negligence.

When we first met Stephanie in 2011, she was suffering from endometriosis and waiting for surgery. Stephanie says following a previous surgery performed by Goodwin, the doctor suddenly stopped treating her and cut off communication.

“I wasn’t successful in reaching her via phone, email and even going to her office, so at that time, I didn’t know what to do,” Stephanie said.

And she says she couldn’t get her next surgery without her medical records from Goodwin.

Under state law, doctors have 15 days to comply with a patient’s request for their records.

Stephanie filed a complaint with the Medical Board of California and eventually got her records.

Dr. Goodwin was hit with $750 in fines, but now faces more serious charges.

“She’s accused of what’s called gross negligence and multiple counts of gross negligence,” said Cassandra Hockenson with the medical board.

In the accusation, the board alleges Goodwin failed to “adequately treat” Stephanie, kept sloppy records, and then abandoned her.

“Not only did they not help me find treatment, they didn’t refer me to anybody either,” Stephanie said. “And it was basically ‘We don’t want to have anything else to do with you, so please leave.’”

If Goodwin contests the charges, she’ll get a hearing before an administrative law judge who will recommend what, if any, penalty she should face.

“She could lose her license—she could be suspended,” Hockenson said.

And Stephanie, still ailing from her endometriosis, may be called to testify at the hearing.

“I’m just happy that we’re at this point. I just hope that the final result will end in something that is considered justice,” she said.

Dr. Goodwin did not reply to our request for a comment or interview. She’s listed as the OB-GYN for Trinity Total Healthcare, which used to be in Elk Grove, but her voicemail says they’ve recently moved to El Dorado Hills.


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