SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A burglar was apparently so desperate to get into a local restaurant he created his own back door, say police.

The restaurant owner tells CBS13 that once the suspect got into an abandoned building, he was trying to figure out a way to get next door. The only way the suspect could do it, he says, is by creating a hole.

Miguel Ramos, the owner of International Bistro on Northgate Boulevard in Sacramento is used to cooking tasty meals to paying customers who walk through the front door, but not to people making their own door.

“And I hear this bong, bong, bang in the back,” said Ramos.

Police say the unwanted customer was 26-year-old Julio Basquez who was allegedly determined to get more than a meal. Investigators say early Tuesday morning, Basquez smashed a hole through the wall of the abandoned building next door. Once inside, he allegedly carved out another hole into the restaurant. Miguel just so happened to be closing shop when he heard some noise.

“So when I went back there, the banging got even louder and I was sure they were inside the restaurant,” said Ramos.

Miguel called police and they came in minutes.

“They searched the restaurant and found him hiding — lying down in the corner in the back,” he said.

Police say Basquez was pretending to be sleep, but they didn’t believe him.

Ramos says several items had been pulled from Ramos’ supply room, but nothing was missing.

“The police did a really good job,” Ramos said about the officers.

Ramos also says this isn’t the only problem in this area. He says there have been several burglaries throughout the community.

Basquez is in the Sacramento County Jail facing burglary and drug charges.


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